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Surveys are a smart and effective way to engage your audience. They apply a soft approach, much less aggressive than standard advertising, which start with questions related to broad topics that interest your audience and gradually move on toward detailed preferences, allowing you to discover exactly which offers are most likely to appeal to them.

Custom Everything

Choose colors, questions, logos, images, etc. Choose from many beautiful, convenient and responsive templates and make them your own. We also have question templates in several languages all at your disposal. Need more customization? Our team is here to make sure you get everything you need.

It’s Free. For Real.

Our goal is to help YOU make money. All our surveys are free to create and our team is available to help you throughout the process.

Data Gold

Make money right away and receive valuable data, all at the same time. The data you collect with your survey is yours, which you can use to improve other aspects of your business. As they say, knowledge is power.

Rewards FTW

Get access to thousands of available rewards that target different verticals, all powered by CrakRevenue. In addition, if there’s an offer you would like to promote through our surveys, our team is ready to get you started. You can also choose to become a CrakRevenue advertiser and receive traffic from our other affiliates.

You Can Have It All!

Surveys, Quizzes, Polls, Trivias, Feedback Forms… Make money right away and receive valuable data all at the same time.

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Case study

Since it’s creation, the pornhub survey has received an astonishing 300M visits, making it one of the most completed surveys on the web. The Pornhub team trusted us to create this survey that would generated more than 2M in sales and over 100,000 new pornhub premium and pornhub live members.

  • users Icon300M


  • wallet Icon2M

    in sales

  • plus Icon100K

    new members